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Allan H. Ropper

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Dr. Ropper is a Professor of Neurology at Harvard and Executive Vice Chair of Neurology at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. He is an Associate Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine and serves on numerous medical journal editorial boards. Dr. Ropper is credited with being one of the founders of the field of Neurological intensive care. He has over 180 professional publications on varied subjects in neurology and is sought after as a speaker at medical and medical-social events. He has served as an advisor to the Vatican through the Pontifical Scientific Council and was a member of the Defense Health...

John M. Barry

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I was born in... Nah, let's not start that far back. Let's just say after dropping out of graduate school in history I became a football coach-- in fact, the first story I ever sold was to a coaching magazine, about a way to change blocking assignments at the line of scrimmage, and I was on the staff of a guy who was named national coach of the year. I quit coaching to write, first as a Washington journalist covering economics and national politics, then I finally began doing what I always intended and wanted to do: write books. Two of those books have in turn led me into active involvement in a couple of policy...