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Myquillyn Smith

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For the past five years Myquillyn Smith, "The Nester," has been encouraging women to embrace the home they are in. She's known throughout the blogging world as "The Nester" and writes a blog called "Nesting Place," a site from which she wants readers to leave with hope, motivation, and inspiration for their homes. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three boys, their hockey paraphernalia, and plenty of brown dog hair. Everything in their house is washable, destroyable and imperfect. They have moved thirteen times in eighteen years of marriage. They are renters. And they...

Kris Palmer

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As a child, Kris Palmer was given by his parents to the Peking Opera, where he learned acting, acrobatics and kung fu. --Wait, that was Jackie Chan. Kris Palmer was raised in the hilly horse country giving way to housing developments in Chester County, PA. There, he rode bikes and go-karts and learned the address of every cool car on every road he traveled, from the Hurst pistol-grip '69 Charger R/T in the "circle" at the end of his block, to the wooden-spoked-wheeled brass-era car under a 48-star American flag in a shed adjoining a colonial-era house at the bottom of the hill, to a Lotus Super 7 in a barn...