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Lee Goldberg

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Lee Goldberg is an ex-Navy SEAL, freelance Sexual Surrogate and a professional Pierce Brosnan impersonator.Okay, that's not true. But he wants this biography to be really exciting, so pay attention. If things bog down, I've been instructed to add a car chase or some explicit sex.Here's the real story. Lee Goldberg writes books and television shows.His mother wanted him to be a doctor, and his grandfather wanted him to go into the family furniture business. Instead, he put himself through UCLA as a freelance journalist, writing for such publications as American Film, Starlog, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times Syndicate,...

Sofie Ryan

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Do you have a family?

Yes. I'm married with one teenage daughter. We live on the east coast less than two hours drive from the ocean. I like living somewhere with all four seasons, although there are times in the middle of January that living on a Caribbean island starts to sound like fun.

What's your education? ?
I have a degree in Biology as well as an Education degree.

Do you ever use that education in your writing?
?All the time. I honed my research skills working on my Biology degree. My Statistics professor really emphasized asking lots of questions...