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Lisa Fitzpatrick

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Lisa Fitzpatrick is a non-fiction writer, editor and book packager; she has developed a wide variety of quality film, television, art and photography publications including those for branded entertainment properties such as 24, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Madagascar, Open Season and The X-Files (JJ Abrams). A graduate of the Stanford Publishing Course for Professionals, she also recently produced the 80th Anniversary edition for USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Amber Tamblyn

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Amber Rose Tamblyn is an American actor, film director, and author. Tamblyn was born and raised in Venice, California and is a 3rd generation Californian. She has been a writer and actress since the age of 9. Tamblyn has been nominated for an Emmy, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award for her work in television and film. In 2007, she won the Locarno Film Festival award for Best Actress for her work in the film , in which she starred opposite Tilda Swinton. In television, she later appeared in FOX's ; in film, she worked with Danny Boyle in (opposite James Franco) , as well as working on screenwriter...