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Andy Rash

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Andy Rash was born on a mountain top in Tennessee, educated in the swamps of Georgia and the canyons of New York, and lives with his family in Milwaukee. He has illustrated for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Entertainment Weekly and The New Yorker. He writes and illustrates children's books.

Coming soon:
The Happy Book
A Happy Camper, a happy-as-a-clam Clam, a sad Trombone, and angry Wet Hen, and a scaredy Cat all live in this book together, even if they don't always feel the same way about it. But friendship is stronger than sadness, anger, fear, or even happiness!...

Valeri Gorbachev

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As long as I can remember my self I liked to draw. When I was 14 years old I had to choose my future occupation. My father wanted me to study math but I wanted to draw so I enrolled in to specialized art school. When I have graduated it I was admitted into Ukraine art academy. Even before I have graduated from the academy I have started to work as freelancer for the cartoon magazine name "Perets" (Chili Pepper) . After graduation I went to work as cartoonist for "Chili Pepper" full time. In 1979 I unsuccessfully tried to leave USSR and immigrate to US. As the result of it I was fired from "Chili...