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Spike Carlsen

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Spike Carlsen ( has been writing about the world around us for the past 25 years. His first book, "A Splintered History of Wood: Belt Sander Races, Blind Woodworkers and Baseball Bats," was selected as a NPR "Best Book of the Year for Gift Giving" and became Amazon's #1 "Mover and Shaker." He has written numerous other books on self-sufficiency and woodworking as well as "Cabin Lesson"--a construction memoir. His upcoming book "A Walk Around the Block: Stoplight Secrets, Mischievous Squirrels, Manhole Mysteries & Other Stuff you see Every day (but...

David Meerman Scott

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Our always-on, Web-driven world has new rules for competing and growing business. Advance planning is out - agile is IN! Those who embrace new ways will be far more successful than those who stay who stay stuck and afraid to change. No one knows more about using the new Real-Time tools and strategies to spread ideas, influence minds and build business than David Meerman Scott. It's his specialty.David Meerman Scott is an internationally acclaimed sales and marketing strategist whose high-energy presentations are a treat for the senses. That he's spoken on all seven continents and in 40 countries to audiences...