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Merrill Markoe

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Merrill Markoe graduated from UC Berkeley with a masters degree in art, then went on to use her degree in the most pragmatic way possible by becoming a writer of comedy for assorted venues, including television, movies and magazines,(when there still were magazines.) Along the way she won five Emmys for Late Night with David Letterman and a Writer's Guild Award for HBO's Not Necessarily the News.These days she is STILL writing books and making short films. To learn more than you probably need to know about her, visit And when I say "her", I mean "me." As far as I can tell,...

Eleanor Crewes

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Eleanor Crewes is an author, illustrator and graphic novelist who enjoys mixing autobiography into her graphic storytelling.Her debut graphic novel 'The Times I Knew I Was Gay' was originally created in 2017 as a 2-part, handmade and self-published zine, which Eleanor would bike across London to various comic shops. As demand grew her zine developed into a larger book that she published in 2018 with Good Comics. After selling out the first edition, she expanded it into a fully-fledged memoir with Virago (UK) and Scribner (US) for publication in 2020. Eleanor lives in North London and is currently working...