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Diana Elder

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Diana Elder grew up hearing family stories and viewing old family photographs. She started researching her family in earnest when her dad gave her his years of family history research in a suitcase.

Diana is a professional genealogist, educator, author, and speaker. She holds a credential for genealogy research through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen) in the United States Gulf South Region. Diana currently serves as the presentation specialist for ICAPGen, educating genealogists in the accreditation process.

A graduate of Brigham Young...

Carolyn Porter

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Carolyn Porter is a graphic designer and self-professed typography geek who designed P22 Marcel Script. Released in 2014, this font has garnered four international honors, including the Certificate for Typographic Excellence from the New York Type Director's Club, typeface competitions by Communication Arts and Print magazines, and was a selection for the 2015 Project Passion exhibition.

"Marcel's Letters" is Carolyn's account of her obsessive search to learn the fate of Marcel Heuzé, the man whose handwritten letters provided source material for the font. Carolyn lives in White...