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Linda Maran

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I am the author of: Confronting the Bully of OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.) A beneficial step-by-step self-help book with techniques taught to me by a leading NYC OCD specialist. And, The Stranger, an Amish Inspirational Romance, available for pre-order. I enjoy reading, writing, praying, nature, NYC jaunts, walking to keep fit, cooking, playing drums, and good phone conversations. I don't eat animals.

Christina Dodd

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Go to Christina's home page for her, "Books by Series and In Order," page and her printable book list sorted by genre, series and in order. Join Christina's mailing list for updates!

Coming in 2017:
- Sept. 5 THE WOMAN WHO COULDN'T SCREAM: Virtue Falls Full-length Suspense #4 in hardcover and ebook

Christina's Current Releases:
- BECAUSE I'M WATCHING: Virtue Falls Full-length Suspense #3 (2016 Amazon Best of Romance, #1 Amazon Romance of September, Kirkus starred review, Booklist starred review and Best of 2016, Library...