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Sue Scheff

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Sue Scheff is a nationally recognized author of SHAME NATION: Choosing Kindness and Compassion In An Age of Cruelty and Trolling (Sourcebooks, Oct 2017) with a foreword by Monica Lewinsky. She also authored Wit's End (HCI, 2007) and Google Bomb (HCI, 2009) .

Scheff has been featured on 20/20, The Rachel Ray Show, ABC News, Anderson Cooper, CBS Nightly News, Katie Couric, Dr. Phil, CBC, CNN, Fox News, BBC, NPR and others discussing topics of Internet defamation, cyberbullying, cyber safety as well as her work helping troubled teens and their families through her organization.


Abby Stokes

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Abby Stokes has single-handedly helped a quarter million Digitally Challenged people cross the Digital Divide and get online. Over the past 20 years, she's visited more than 22 states, 120 public libraries, over 100 senior centers/computer clubs and has hosted webinars across the country. Abby has taught courses in basic computing at both Cooper Union and New York University's School of Lifelong Learning, as well as computer skills to private and corporate clients. She has lectured on the topic across the country. A firm believer that "if my mother can learn the computer anyone can," Abby is confident...