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Ray Connolly

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RAY CONNOLLY has written several novels, including SHADOWS ON A WALL, LOVE OUT OF SEASON and SUNDAY MORNING, the movies and novels THAT'LL BE THE DAY and STARDUST and the television series LYTTON'S DIARY and PERFECT SCOUNDRELS. He also wrote a biography of JOHN LENNON, whom he knew well. He was about to fly from London to New York to see Lennon when he got the call telling him that the ex-Beatle had been murdered.

He also wrote and directed the TV documentary JAMES DEAN: THE FIRST AMERICAN TEENAGER, worked with record producer SIR GEORGE MARTIN on the BBC Television series THE RHYTHM OF LIFE,...

Dave Itzkoff

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Dave Itzkoff is a culture reporter for who writes frequently about film, television and comedy. He is the author of three books including, most recently, His fourth book, , a biography of Robin Williams, will be published in May.