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Rebecca Koehn

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Rebecca grew up in small midwestern towns in the state of Kansas. Throughout her childhood when she was in trouble her parents would ground her from reading. Now, before you judge them for this, the truth was, she read A LOT. This habit kept her from doing many of the things she should do, like chores, and obeying her parent's instructions. Also, it really was one of the few things they could take away from her that was a punishment (she would even hide books in the towel cabinet in the bathroom so she could get a chapter in on 'bathroom breaks') . They did not use this same tack with her siblings who were...

Sarah Sullivan

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Sarah Sullivan's novel ALL THAT'S MISSING received a STARRED REVIEW from the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books. VOYA called it "AN OUTSTANDING DEBUT NOVEL." Her picture book PASSING THE MUSIC DOWN was an N.C.T.E. Notable Children's Book in the Language Arts and a Bank Street College Best Children's Book for 2012. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College where she won the Harcourt Post-Graduate Scholarship. She lives in Williamsburg, VA. For more info, go to