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Richard Platt

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(1953â€") Richard Platt is the author of more than sixty informative books for young readers, and he also writes for innovative multimedia projects. Some of his most popular works have been collaborations with illustrator Stephen Biesty on the "Cross-Sections" series. After a failed attempt to forge a career as a photographer, Platt discovered that he had a knack for writing. "I started writing about photography: first magazine articles, then books," he explained on the Walker Books Web site. "I got a job editing children's books, then...

Kerrie Logan Hollihan

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Author Kerrie Logan Hollihan channels her "inner sixth grade girl who read Compton's encyclopedia for fun" to write for teens and kids. Young people, she says, should be challenged to understand history as it actually happened. "As I research and write, I think about how to explain the 'whys' of situations as well as the 'whats.'"
Her books have been honored by VOYA, Smithsonian magazine, Bankstreet College of Education, the National Science Teachers Association, the Chicago Public Library, and the Junior Library Guild. Her new teen book, IN THE FIELDS AND THE TRENCHES:...