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David Barrie

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David Barrie is a crime writer who has lived in Paris for over twenty years. The city looms large in his NOIR CHIC crime novels. A sense of place has always been one of the foundations of quality crime fiction. Barrie's novels are true to the city in which they are set: stylish, sophisticated and crafted with an eye for the tiniest detail.As for Barrie's own take on what he does, here's an extract from a recent interview: "Crime fiction is a genre that has never turned its back on the simple pleasures of colourful characters and compelling plots. It's not ashamed to be entertaining, even while...

Dane Huckelbridge

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Dane Huckelbridge was born and raised in the American Middle West. He holds a degree from Princeton University, and his fiction and essays have appeared in a variety of journals, including Tin House, The New Delta Review, F(r) iction, and The New Republic. His debut novel CASTLE OF WATER was published by St. Martin's Press in 2017, and his book NO BEAST SO FIERCE is forthcoming from HarperCollins. He currently lives in Paris, France, although he goes back to New York whenever he can.