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Patric Richardson

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Patric Richardson is a longtime lover of beautiful textiles, developing as a child both an appreciation for wonderful clothes and amazing, service-focused department stores like Parson's and Stone & Thomas in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. He was voted best dressed in eighth grade and again in high school, and his obsession with clothes continued.In college, there was only one choice, a degree in fashion merchandising, apparel and textiles. His time at the University of Kentucky allowed Patric to hone his skills with textiles, becoming an expert in their use and care. While attending UK, he worked at the legendary...

Gary Pilarchik

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My grandfather taught me how to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and I have been gardening for the last 40 years. He helped me ignite a passion. My goal is to teach people how to have a better garden, become more self-sufficient, and simply share what I have learned over the decades. A garden wants to give and all we have to do is learn how to help it along. Gardening takes work but it is not complicated. My book, blogs and videos are designed to help you get the information you need so you can enjoy and share your gardens. If it wasn't for my grandfather taking the time to show me how to plant vegetables, I would...