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Convert your unproductive lawn and landscape areas into fruitful edible gardens with this practical guide overflowing with ideas, plans, designs, and know-how.. Out with the lawn and in with the food! That's the battle cry of millions of modern gardeners who are not only looking to reduce the amount of time and energy they have to spend tending a lawn, but they're also looking to improve the lives of their family, friends, and neighbors by supplying them with fresh, homegrown food. In the United States alone, 46 million acres of land are covered in turfgrass (that's more acreage than corn and soybeans combined!) . Imagine all the good that would come if that land were dedicated to growing food instead! . Converting unused areas of the landscape into food gardens helps mitigate the effects of climate change, reduces food miles, improves food security, and allows us to be a better steward of our little slice of the planet.

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Gary Pilarchik

My grandfather taught me how to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and I have been gardening for the last 40 years. He helped me ignite a passion. My goal is to teach people how to have a better garden, become more self-sufficient, and simply share what I have learned over the decades. A garden wants to give and all we have to do is learn how to help it along. Gardening takes work but it is not complicated. My book, blogs and videos are designed to help you get the information you need so you can enjoy and share your gardens. If it wasn't for my grandfather taking the time to show me how to plant vegetables, I would have missed out on something I truly love. This is what I want to pass on to others. In 2011 I started The Rusted Garden by putting gardening videos on YouTube. 9 years later, I have over 1000 garden videos and have enjoyed meeting gardener's from around the globe. Good luck in your gardens!

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