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Emily Levesque

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Emily Levesque is an astronomy professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her first popular science book, The Last Stargazers, comes out in August of 2020.Emily's research studies how the most massive stars in the universe evolve and die. She has observed for upward of fifty nights on many of the planet's largest telescopes and flown over the Antarctic stratosphere in an experimental aircraft for her research. Her academic accolades include the 2014 Annie Jump Cannon Prize, a 2017 Alfred P. Sloan fellowship, a 2019 Cottrell Scholar award, and the 2020 Newton Lacy Pierce Prize. She earned a bachelor's...

Alice Wong

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Alice co-created, with Lena Tabori, the best-selling LITTLE BIG BOOK series, which has sold over 1.7 million copies. She co-edited many of the titles in this charming and popular series, including THE LITTLE BIG BOOK FOR MOMS and THE LITTLE BIG BOOK FOR GRANDMOTHERS (Welcome Books). She is author of THE BIG BOOK OF ME: MY BABY BOOK, and co-edited THE GOODNIGHT BOOK FOR MOMS AND LITTLE ONES. Alice has also produced numerous photography and art books which touch the mind and spirit with their unique pairing of images and text. They include BUDDHA, CANYON WILDERNESS OF THE SOUTHWEST, INDIA: IN WORD AND IMAGE, and CHINA:...