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"Honestly, the concept of a superman is an interesting one," I said, my voice running faster than I intended, the words spilling out in a torrent.  "After all, you start off with your just your average fella, and end up with something truly extraordinary.  And the idea is not a new one by any stretch.  In fact, if you look back at-- oh my God!"  I stopped abruptly, as Lord Blackheart pulled a bone saw out of his bag.  I don't consider myself an especially skittish person, as my work with various species of monsters requires a cool head and my science experiments a steady hand.  But, I'm not overly fond of bladed tools, especially when they're being wielded by an evil earl who has made it his life's work to "take me out".

If I was talking fast before, I'm talking faster now.  "And-and-and did you know," I continued, "that many movies have made the use of the idea of supermen, from placing the brain of someone into a stronger body, like in Ghost of Frankenstein and House of Frankenstein, to using electricity like in The Man Made MonsterIndestructible Man, and The Boogie Man Will Get You....You-you  know, that saw is pretty rusty.  Maybe you'd want to clean it first?  I-I-I saw this great video on YouTube and could totally do it for y--"

I was saved by a ringing doorbell and not a moment too soon.  Yes, Lord Blackheart has a doorbell that rings down in his dungeons, connected to the small side door at the edge of the room.   I have always thought the idea was stupid, but I've since changed my mind. I waited, every muscle tensed, as Lord Blackheart answered it, speaking at first so softly through the crack in the door that I could barely hear him, and then with rapidly increasing volume as he opened the door wider.  Didn't you see the sign? he was asking.  No solicitorsAnd that includes Girl Scouts!  A pause, as a young, soft voice responded.  And then: Well, I suppose just a couple of boxes wouldn't hurt--but then you have to leave...Two of the chocolate peanut butter ones, two coconut... How much is that?...Twenty-four dollars?!  For four boxes?  He grumbled and pulled out his wallet.  And here I thought I was the evil one...

While he was fumbling with his cash, Do you have change for a fifty? I made my break for it and slipped out behind him.  To be sure, door-to-door salesmen can be a tricky bunch, and certainly not often welcomed, but I have never been so happy to see one in my life!

At our last meeting, we celebrated National Humor Month with an obscure horror/comedy: The Boogie Man Will Get You.  For those of you who missed the meeting, let me tell you a little bit about the film.  In this hilarious chiller, recently divorced Winnie Slade purchases a historic old tavern to turn it into a hotel.  She eagerly agrees to allow the previous owners to stay on as her guests, including an eccentric old professor (who is secretly conducting insane experiments on travelling salesmen in the basement), his surly handyman, and kooky housekeeper.  Add in a crooked sheriff (who is also the town doctor, the notary, and the coroner), some oddball guests, and Winnie’s high-strung ex-husband, Bill, and you have the makings of a madcap movie that gets increasingly crazy as the plot progresses.

We had a smaller turnout this month, with 14 in attendance, but there were plenty of laughs to be had and a great deal of fun.  Special thanks to Anita for bringing us cookies!

We had a handful of familiar faces in this month's film, including Boris Karloff as sweet Professor Billings and Peter Lorre the highly questionable Dr. Lorencz.  Both of these actors are no strangers to our viewings!  And to wrap up our trio, we have Maude Eburne, who was batty housekeeper Amelia in this film and Aunt Gussie in The Vampire Bat (October 2020).

[Red: Peter Lorre, Yellow: Maude Eburne, Blue: Boris Karloff.  Pictured but not labelled, Jeff Donnell.  Image Credit]

This month's newsletter is brought to you by Dr. Lorencz Inc. of Jinxville!*

*Please note: The Horror Film Club is not sponsored by any outside sources.  Please support your local library!


Thank you for joining us for another piece of classic horror!  I look forward to seeing you all next time.  In our next film, a woman overhears a phone conversation that threatens murder!  Will she be able to figure out who is plotting the crime and stop it before it occurs?  Or will she become a victim herself?  You'll have to join us to find out!

Are you scared yet?
The Horror Film Club meets again on Wednesday, May 1st at 6:30pm in the Dover Room.  We hope to see you there!