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"[A] celebration of solidarity, allyship, and community...A welcoming resource for conversations about equality and social justice that shows readers how identities are made up of myriad influences." -- PUBLISHER'S WEEKLYThe brainchild of three women-of-color sociologists, IntersectionAllies is a smooth, gleeful entry into intersectional feminism. The nine interconnected characters proudly describe themselves and their backgrounds, involving topics that range from a physical disability to language brokering, offering an opportunity to take pride in a personal story and connect to collective struggle for justice.The group bond grounds the message of allyship and equality. When things get hard, the kids support each other for who they are: Parker defends Kate, a genderfluid character who eschews skirts for a superhero cape; Heejung welcomes Yuri, a refugee escaping war, into their community; and Alejandra's family cares for Parker after school while her mother works. Advocating respect and inclusion, IntersectionAllies is a necessary tool for learning to embrace, rather than shy away from, difference.Featuring gorgeous illustrations on every page by Ashley Seil Smith, as well as powerful introductions by activist and law professor Dr. Kimberl Crenshaw, who coined the term "intersectionality," and Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, author of Intersectionality: An Intellectual History."This wonderful book addresses major social justice issues of our time in an accessible manner. The authors celebrate diversity and illustrate the advantages of attending to intersectionality. By "making room," the children in this book create space in which each individual's uniqueness can shine, brightening everyone's lives." -- DR. LAUREL WESTBROOK, Associate Professor of Sociology and co-founder of Sociologists for Trans Justice

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Chelsea Johnson

Dr. Chelsea Johnson is a children's book author, feminist sociologist, and user experience design researcher. Her journey into research began as at Spelman College, where she was introduced to feminism through writers like Audre Lorde and Patricia Hill Collins. She went on to study the politics of race, class, gender, and fashion at the University of Southern California, where she earned her PhD in sociology and gender studies in 2019.Dr. Johnson's overarching goal is to inform the development of just, equitable, and human-centered political strategies, design, media, scholarship, and artwork that reflect the situated knowledges and needs of our society's most vulnerable populations. In this pursuit, she co-founded a public sociology organization, CLC Collective, with co-authors Carolyn Choi and LaToya Council. Their children's book about intersectionality, IntersectionAllies: We Make Room For All was released by Dottir Press in 2019.When not researching or writing, Dr. Johnson enjoys hiking, reading novels, exploring new art mediums, and eating her way through new cities.

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