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It can be challenging for children to know where to get started when they have a big task to complete.Teach your child how to set priorities with this great storybook. Blake has a to-do list that's just too long. How can his parents and teachers expect him to finish his homework, clean his room AND bake cookies for the baseball bake sale? Don't they know there's something urgent he has to do now like play video games?! When Mom encourages Blake to follow the 3 Ps, prioritizing, planning and posting a reminder of what needs to be done in order of importance, he's unimpressed. But as his responsibilities pile up and his deadlines quickly approach, he has to figure out what needs doing now. Can following Mom's advice and using the 3 Ps really make a difference? School counselor and award-winning author Bryan Smith reveals the answer in this relatable story about the power of preparation and planning.

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Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is the Splatterpunk Award-winning author of more than thirty horror and crime novels and novellas, including 68 Kill, the cult classic Depraved and its sequels, The Killing Kind, Slowly We Rot, The Freakshow, and many more. Bestselling horror author Brian Keene called Slowly We Rot, "The best zombie novel I've ever read." 68 Kill was adapted into a motion picture directed by Trent Haaga and starring Matthew Gray Gubler of the long-running CBS series Criminal Minds. 68 Kill won the Midnighters Award at the SXSW film festival in 2017 and was released to wide acclaim, including positive reviews in The New York Times and Bloody Disgusting. Bryan also co-scripted an original Harley Quinn story for the House of Horrors anthology from DC Comics. In 2019, he won a Splatterpunk Award under the best novella category for Kill For Satan! His primary publisher as of 2018 is Grindhouse Press.Follow Bryan on Twitter at @Bryan_D_Smith.

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