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The ultimate guide to today's hottest craft trend! Learn how to personalize your world with Sublimation Crafting! Join creative crafter, author, and sublimation expert Cori George as she demystifies this fast-growing art form and provides all the essentials needed to kick-start your sublimation journey. You'll get an easy-to-understand overview of sublimation, learn about the printers and supplies needed, and master the art of transferring images onto blank canvases to create vibrant items to keep, give, or sell. * Unintimidating Guidance: Craft with confidence as this guide empowers you to navigate sublimation crafting with ease, without technical jargon or confusion. * Essential Tools Demystified: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools that drive sublimation, including printers and heat presses, unlocking the potential for limitless creativity.

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Cori George

Cori George is the colorful and creative mind behind Hey, Let's Make Stuff! With her books, website and digital shop, she inspires more than seven million crafters each year with Cricut projects, sublimation tutorials, laser crafts, SVGs, printables, and simple DIY projects. Cori boasts a substantial fanbase, with 24,000 engaged followers on YouTube and 67,000 followers on Instagram, attesting to her widespread appeal and influence in the crafting community. She's also a three-time published craft book author - her latest book, Sublimation Crafts, is set to drop in 2024!

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