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Imagine having 5,000 of human history's most amazing artefacts at your fingertips!Go on a trip through the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art without ever leaving your home! Prepare to explore the treasures of the world's civilizations - from ancient Egyptian amulets, Mayan jewelry, and prehistoric tools - to Medieval tapestries, Renaissance suits of armor, and modern-day baseball cards. Each page brings you closer to the past as you learn about the people of different ages through the objects they left behind.   Discover hand-picked highlights of the museum's huge collection as you travel through history, one incredible object at a time.This book combines exclusive Met photography with colorful and quirky illustrations in a resource that parents can trust, with a design that kids will love.

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Aaron Rosen

Dr. Aaron Rosen is Professor of Religious Thought at Rocky Mountain College and Visiting Professor at King's College London. He taught previously at KCL, Yale, Oxford, and Columbia, and received his PhD from Cambridge. He has curated various exhibitions, and written widely for scholarly and popular publications, including The Observer, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, Apollo, and Times Higher Education and provides commentary for BBC Radio 4 and other outlets. He is the author of Imagining Jewish Art and Art and Religion in the 21st Century, named one of the best books of 2015 by The Times. He is the editor of Religion and Art in the Heart of Modern Manhattan and co-editor of Visualising a Sacred City: London, Art and Religion.

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