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"An important new translation [of] a bona fide canonical classic hiding in plain sight . . . With Mr. Moore's vigorous and companionable translation, the book is now here for everyone to see." - The Wall Street Journal The timeless masterpiece from Alessandro Manzoni, the father of modern Italian literature, The Betrothed receives its first new English-language translation in fifty years, hailed as "a landmark literary occasion" by Jhumpa Lahiri. The Betrothed is a cornerstone of Italian culture, language, and literature. Published in its final form in 1842, The Betrothed has inspired generations of Italian readers and writers. Giuseppe Verdi composed his majestic Requiem Mass in honor of Manzoni. Italo Calvino called the novel "a classic that has never ceased shaping reality in Italy" while Umberto Eco praised its author as a "most subtle critic and analyst of languages.

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Alessandro Manzoni

Alessandro Francesco Tommaso Manzoni was an Italian poet and novelist. He is famous for the novel (Italian: ) (1840) , generally ranked among the masterpieces of world literature. The novel is also a symbol of the Italian Risorgimento, both for its patriotic message and because it was a fundamental milestone in the development of the modern, unified Italian language.

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