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Emily Katz

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Emily Katz is a creative consultant, interior designer, macrame teacher, artist, and Instagram phenomenon.

You can find her collaborating on photo shoots in the desert, arranging furniture and designing large scale custom pieces in homes around the world, feasting under the stars, discovering hot springs, and singing songs with friends near and far.

She has taught macrame to thousands of people around the globe, from private lessons, to beautifully curated workshops, to team building for creative companies. Her aim is to not only share her love of this simple craft, but also inspire people...

Kristin Nicholas

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Kristin Nicholas is an artist, author, potter, and designer who lives on a working sheep farm with her husband and daughter in western Massachusetts. Kristin is known for her innovative use of bright colors and textures. Her artwork spans many disciplines - fabrics, needlework, pottery, interior decoration, and more. Kristin is the author of 12 books on crafting, knitting, embroidery, and interior decoration. She has also illustrated many of her own books.

Crafting a Patterned Home is Kristin's newest book - to be published by Roost Books in April 2018. In this new book, Kristin shares her love...