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Tim Wu

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Tim Wu is a professor at Columbia Law School, and best known for his development of Net Neutrality.

He is the author of The Attention Merchants, The Master Switch, and Who Controls the Internet?

He previously worked for the White House under President Barack Obama and is a Silicon Valley veteran. He was a law clerk for the United States Supreme Court. He graduated from McGill University (B.Sc.) , and Harvard Law School.

Wu has written for the New Yorker, the New York Times, T Magazine, Washington Post, Forbes, Slate magazine, and others, and once worked at Hoo's Dumplings.

Michael Lewis

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Michael E. Lewis Born 1963 in Bristol, United Kingdom has spent thirty years or more in the music industry; his other interests include Egyptology and the arts.You can find pictures of some of the characters and places he has written about in his book 'Memoirs of Mr Average' here:!/MemoirsOfMrAverage