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Michael Cassutt

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Michael Cassutt has published fiction (six novels, thirty short stories) and non-fiction (five books, all in the field of human spaceflight, and over two hundred articles). He is also an accomplished television writer and producer, with credits on such series as THE TWILIGHT ZONE, EERIE, INDIANA, and THE DEAD ZONE.

David Pressman

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I wrote Patent It Yourself because, some years ago, I saw many good how-to legal books on divorce, forming a corporation, etc. but none on getting a patent. Like other Nolo authors, I felt that law should not be a mystery to laypersons and that most people should be given the tools and instructions to do most legal tasks themselves if they want or can't afford a lawyer. So I wrote Patent It Yourself to share my knowledge, dispel the mystery of patents, and provide a good guide for inventors. A member of the California and Patent and Trademark Office bars, I have had over 45 years' experience in the patent profession,...