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David Barrie

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David Barrie is a crime writer who has lived in Paris for over twenty years. The city looms large in his NOIR CHIC crime novels. A sense of place has always been one of the foundations of quality crime fiction. Barrie's novels are true to the city in which they are set: stylish, sophisticated and crafted with an eye for the tiniest detail.As for Barrie's own take on what he does, here's an extract from a recent interview: "Crime fiction is a genre that has never turned its back on the simple pleasures of colourful characters and compelling plots. It's not ashamed to be entertaining, even while...

Philip Connors

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In 2002, Philip Connors left the Wall Street Journal for a seasonal job with the U.S. Forest Service in New Mexico. That became the subject of his first book, Fire Season: Field Notes From a Wilderness Lookout, which was named the best nature book of 2011 by Amazon and won a National Outdoor Book Award, the Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award, the Reading the West Award for Nonfiction, and the Grand Prize at the Banff Mountain Book Competition. His second book, All the Wrong Places, recounts his life in the shadow of his brother's suicide and was named one of the 100 best nonfiction books of 2015 by Kirkus....