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Yasmin Khan

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Yasmin Khan is a food and travel writer who is passionate about sharing people's stories through food.

Yasmin launched The Saffron Tales on Kickstarter with the dream of writing a cookbook that celebrated Iran's rich culinary tradition and offered a unique window into the lives of ordinary Iranians today through their food. With the support of nearly 300 Kickstarter backers from around the globe, she travelled around Iran with Tehran-based photographer Shahrzad Darafsheh, collecting recipes and stories from people she met along the way.

Prior to immersing...

Brian Noyes

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It started when John Wayne made me a tuna sandwich. And then I bought an old red truck from fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger for my farm.

After 30 years as the art director of The Washington Post, and Smithsonian, Architecture and Preservation magazines, I ditched it all to open a rural bakery out in the Virginia Piedmont hunt country an hour west of DC. We're now getting a lot of attention from The New York Times, Garden & Gun, Esquire, Southern Living and many other publications. President Obama has a thing for our baking ("I love pies. That's not a state secret. And I can confirm that...