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Scott Kelly

track author

Scott Kelly is a NASA astronaut best known for spending a record-breaking year in space. He is a former U.S. Navy fighter pilot, test pilot, and veteran of four spaceflights. Kelly commanded the space shuttle ENDEAVOUR in 2007 and twice commanded the International Space Station. He resides in Houston, Texas. You can follow him on Facebook at NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, and on Instagram and Twitter at @StationCDRKelly.

Dan Scanlan

track author

Dan Scanlan had a brief brush with the ukulele as a child in the mid-1950s (during Arthur Godfrey's ukulele heyday) . He became a serious student of the ukulele and guitar in his final year of high school in 1961 and has played it nearly every day in the last 50 years. Although he often performed solo, during the mid 1970s he teamed up with guitarist and fellow songwriter Patrick Sauer in the duo Flathead. He began teaching it to others in 1984, and he and one of his students performed as The Self-Righteous Brothers, a duo with a vaudeville bent. In 1989 he performed solo at the 19th Annual International Ukulele...