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W. Michael Gear

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Greetings, All:

I started out as a physical anthropologist, boiling human bodies and identifying pathological bone in the Colorado State University Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology. Life as a starving graduate student changed when Western Wyoming College offered me a field archaeologist position. With my M.A. in hand and a BMW motorcycle as my only transportation, I tied on a tent, then my little Sheltie dog Ted hopped onto the tank, and we were off to Rock Springs, Wyoming. Neither Ted, nor I, ever looked back.

When winter interfered with "have trowel will travel" field work,...

Hank Green

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Hank Green started making YouTube videos in 2007 with his brother, John. They thought it was a dumb idea, but it turned out well. He is now the CEO of Complexly, which produces SciShow, Crash Course and nearly a dozen other educational YouTube channels, prompting The Washington Post to name him "one of America's most popular science teachers." Green co-founded a number of other businesses, including, which helps online creators make money by selling cool stuff to their communities; and VidCon, the world's largest conference for the online video community. Hank and John, also started the Project...