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Taylor Adams directed the acclaimed short film And I Feel Fine in 2008 and graduated from Eastern Washington University with the prestigious Edmund G. Yarwood Award. His directorial work has screened at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival and his writing has been featured on KAYU-TV's Fox Life blog. Taylor lives in Washington state and has written three novels, published by Joffe Books:

EYESHOT (Thriller) : Miles into the Mojave desert, a husband and wife are pinned down by a ruthless sniper.

OUR LAST NIGHT (Paranormal thriller) : Ghosts, romance, and a cursed antique rifle....

Jess Montgomery

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JESS MONTGOMERY is the author of the Sheriff Lily Ross Historical Mystery series, focusing on a 1920s female sheriff in Appalachia. You can find out more about her books at her website,, or reach her on Facebook @JessMontgomeryAuthor, Twitter @JessM_Author and Instagram @JessMontgomeryAuthor.

Under Jess's given name, she is a newspaper columnist, focusing on the literary life, authors and events of her native Dayton, Ohio for the Dayton Daily News. Her first novel in the Sheriff Lily Ross Historical Mystery series, THE WIDOWS, garnered awards even before publication:...