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Maggie Meade

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Maggie is concentrating on the book blog The Wholesome Baby Food Guide Blog ( ) and starting a support community and forum for all things baby food. She lives in New England with her husband, twin boys, a German Shepard and a tabby cat; she also has an older son who is away at university.

John Himmelman

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John Himmelman is an author/illustrator of over 80 books for children and books (for grown up kids) on various nature topics. He graduated School of Visual Arts in 1981, with his first book "Talester the Lizard" published later that year. Talester came about as a final assignment to create a story in his children's book illustration class. His teacher, Dale Payson, liked it enough to show to her editor at Dial - and thus began a career that continues today.

Himmelman's children's book genres range from whimsical to natural history. He is a naturalist, involved in many organizations...