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T. D. Jakes

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T. D. Jakes is the CEO of TDJ Enterprises, LLP; founder and senior pastor of The Potter's House of Dallas, Inc., which has over 30,000 members; and the author of the New York Times bestselling Making Great Decisions and Reposition Yourself. Time magazine and CNN referred to him as "America's Best Preacher." His TV show, The Potter's Touch, reaches 67 million households per month. He has been the host of national radio and television broadcasts and is regularly featured on the highly rated Dr. Phil show. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, five children, and two grandchildren.


Amy Berger

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Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP, has a master's degree in human nutrition and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. A proud U.S. Air Force veteran, Amy spent years doing what nutrition and health experts claimed were "all the right things" to lose weight and maintain optimal health, but failed to experience the expected results. Wanting to understand why the conventional advice about low-calorie, low-fat dieting and lots of exercise did not lead to the promised outcomes, she began researching physiology and biochemistry and came to learn that much of what we currently believe...