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Lorilee Craker

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Lorilee Craker is a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Coldest City in the World (with the warmest heart) . She now lives in balmy Grand Rapids, MI, where she rocks out in her minivan as she shuttles her three children to hockey, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse, and everywhere in between. She is the author of 11 books, including "Money Secrets of the Amish" and the New York Times bestseller "Through the Storm" with Lynne Spears. She is also a longtime contributor to the entertainment pages of "The Grand Rapids Press" and has been published in magazines ranging from "Sports Spectrum"...

Natalie Gwyn

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Natalie Gwyn is a blogger, working wife, and mother of six. Her posts and articles are syndicated through and She has also written for Huffington Post, Guideposts, and the Today show.