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J. R. Krause

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J. R. Krause and Maria Chua are a husband and wife team and live near downtown L.A. They are brave eaters! They once ate grasshoppers in Mexico. In case you're wondering, fried grasshoppers (chapulines) taste like potato chips. They've also eaten tiny cooked worms in Southeast Asia.Maria attended the University of Madrid in Spain and lived in Mexico. She is a bilingual psychiatric social worker in Los Angeles. She loves practicing kung fu and piano, but rarely at the same time.J. R. is an artist, designer, and animator working in television. He currently is a designer for The Simpsons. His favorite food...

Christin Ditchfield

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Christin Ditchfield ( is the author of "What Women Should Know About Facing Fear" and more than 70 other books in a wide variety of genres, from educational to inspirational, fiction, nonfiction, and humor. She has also written dozens of best-selling gospel tracts, and hundreds of essays, columns, and articles for national and international magazines such as Focus on the Family, Power For Living, Sports Spectrum, and Today's Christian Woman.

For over twenty-five years, Christin has been speaking at conferences, retreats, banquets, and brunches, encouraging women...