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Peter Laufer

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Peter Laufer, Ph.D., is the author of more than a dozen books that deal with social and political issues, including "Mission Rejected: U.S. Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq," "Wetback Nation: The Case for Opening the Mexican-American Border," and "Iron Curtain Rising: A Personal Journey through the Changing Landscape of Eastern Eurpoe." He is the coanchor of "The Peter Laufer Show" on radio station Green 960 in San Francisco. More about his books, documentary films, broadcasts, which have won the George Polk, Robert F. Kennedy, Edward R. Murrow, and other awards, can be found...

Margaret Littman

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Margaret Littman is a journalist and author who splits her time between Nashville, Tenn, Chicago, Ill. and wherever else her travels take her. She loves to write about overlooked domestic destinations that should be reconsidered. In addition to her paper-bound books, she is the author of the iPhone and Android app travel guide, Nashville ? Essential ? Guide and many articles for magazines and websites. Read her work in Entrepreneur, USA Today and Nashville Lifestyles.