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Karen Wickre

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A long-time communicator and connector, Karen has spent 30 years in Silicon Valley as an editor and collaborator, including ~15 years on staff at Google and at Twitter. Her book "Taking the Work Out of Networking: An Introvert's Guide to Connections That Count" reflects her lifelong interest in making meaningful connections, and building a brain trust for life. An avid media consumer, Karen also serves on the boards of several organizations supporting journalism and news literacy, including the JSKnight Fellows Program at Stanford University and the News Literacy Project. See also dogs, art, nonfiction,...

Nancy Hendrickson

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Hi! I'm Nancy Hendrickson, an Amazon bestselling author based in San Diego. I write about genealogy, history, and historic American road trips.

I'm a contributing editor at Family Tree Magazine and the author of several genealogy books, including the Unofficial Guide to and the Unofficial Workbook.

When not writing, I'm traveling the back roads of the frontier west, taking notes and photographs for future projects. Visit my site at for more genealogy goodness!