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Jeremy Brown

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Having a great book to read makes me happy, and I try to provide that for you. I have written ten books across multiple genres, and my day job is writing lore and story arcs for a very popular video game. I used to write technical validation documents in the basement of a pharmaceutical company--novels and video games are much more fun. My wife and I have a rescue dog who collects mud and two cats who aren't impressed by anything we do. We bought a lawn tractor last year and took turns posing with it. That was a great day. If you'd like to contact me, please visit jeremywbrown. com.

Boria Sax

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Who first invented spinning and weaving? The spiders, of course. Who developed techniques of cooperative hunting? The wolves. Who pioneered landscape management? The beavers. Who first perfected techniques of mass production? The bees. Now, is what we usually call "human civilization" a good thing or a bad thing? If it is a good thing, you have to give some credit to the spiders, wolves, beavers, and bees. If, however, human civilization is a bad thing, you can also give the spiders, wolves, beavers, and bees some of the blame.

I first became interested in the literature of animals around...