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Myquillyn Smith

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For the past five years Myquillyn Smith, "The Nester," has been encouraging women to embrace the home they are in. She's known throughout the blogging world as "The Nester" and writes a blog called "Nesting Place," a site from which she wants readers to leave with hope, motivation, and inspiration for their homes. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three boys, their hockey paraphernalia, and plenty of brown dog hair. Everything in their house is washable, destroyable and imperfect. They have moved thirteen times in eighteen years of marriage. They are renters. And they...

David Toht

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We called our first flock of brown-egg chickens our "illicit biddies" because they weren't strictly legal in town. My wife and kids and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, relishing the fresh eggs and delighting in the antics of the hens - until a call came from our alderman and we had to find them a new home. Our current flock of four layers live in more enlightened times. Today, thousands of municipalities allow small poultry flocks. More and more people are experiencing the joys of keeping a few chickens, watching them relish vegetable scraps and meticulously scratch up insects and grubs. In turn,...