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James Sullivan

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Twitter: @sullivanjames

My books start with an idea -- a person, place or thing -- that reveals something about the bigger picture. I'm drawn to the unusual and the extraordinary, especially when they spring unexpectedly from the commonplace. I've lived in Queens and Brooklyn, New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. I'm a journalist (Boston Globe, and father of three boys. I'm also a baseball fanatic, music nerd, Chuck Taylors connoisseur and a dog lover.

Tessa Barton

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I am Tezza, a six-foot-tall girl from the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah, who grew up in a home surrounded by artists. I was taught not just to dream, but to achieve my dreams. My mind has always been full of ideas, constantly seeing the world with new eyes and wanting to share my vision. I got my bachelor of fine arts from the University of Utah with an emphasis in photography. If there is one thing I learned early on in life, it's that you can't wait around for what you want to come to you; you have to go and get it. Ask questions, be curious, be embarrassed, and be remembered--this is how you'll...