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Deanna Caswell

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Deanna lives in a little house on 1/4 acre in the suburbs with her five kids, two goats, a flock of chickens, and one VERY understanding husband.

Before all that, she was a nanny, lab tech, teacher, waitress, calculus tutor, counselor, and mountain guide. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry, a minor in Math, and an M.A. in Family Therapy. Deanna has traveled to forty-one states, Canada, England, France, Italy, and Africa.

These days, she is privileged to share her diverse experiences and love of learning through books, a newspaper column, homeschooling, and posts for Little House in the Suburbs...

Eve Yohalem

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I write books for kids. My first novel is called Escape Under the Forever Sky. It's about the 13-year old daughter of the American ambassador to Ethiopia who gets kidnapped and has to find her way to freedom. I've also written a series of dark comic short stories for younger readers, inspired my dark comic dad, called Grandpa Hates the Bird. My latest book is a 17th century seafaring adventure called Cast Off: The Strange Adventures of Petra De Winter and Bram Broen.