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Johnny Molloy

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Johnny Molloy is a self-employed outdoor writer based in Johnson City, Tennessee. Johnny has authored over 60 outdoor books covering hiking, paddling, camping and true adventure. A Christian -- member of First Presbyterian Church, native Tennessean and free-market capitalist, he was born in Memphis and moved to Knoxville in 1980 to attend the University of Tennessee. It was in Knoxville where he developed his love of the natural world that has since become the primary focus of his life.
It all started on a backpacking foray into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. That first trip, though a disaster, unleashed...

Susan Ewing

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My two greatest joys as a kid were riding my bike and reading books. Both offered escape and adventure - my bike took me flying out into the physical world, while books were the bridge to an inner world of emotion and ideas. I came to writing as way to hold the physical world like a bird in my hands, so I could see more clearly, feel more deeply, and understand more completely. And because in those moments when writing works, it's magic. I was born and raised in Kentucky, but wandered west soon after graduating high school. I lived in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest for many years, rotating through a variety...