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Peggy Dean

track author

Peggy is native to the Pacific Northwest and is a nationally recognized freelance artist, with worldwide publications as a platform artist. Her lettering and illustrative designs have been nationally recognized, with a focus on modern calligraphy and line drawing, though her skills range vastly in the world of creativity. She is the self published author of two best selling how-to books: The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide and Botanical Line Drawing. Peggy is an award winning online instructor with a range of classes on Skillshare. She also hosts an informational blog and maintains a popular instructional social...

Pharrell Williams

track author

Redefining cool for a new generation, Pharrell Williams is a creative force, using music, fashion, and design to express his distinctive style. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, Pharrell has earned ten Grammy Awards for his work. His multimedia creative collective i am Other includes music, fashion, film, television, and art endeavors. The collective was built on the philosophy that individuality is the new wealth, and this sentiment flows through each project. Happy! is his first children's book.