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Jim DuFresne

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I have a has deep rooted passion for two things; sunsets and shoreline, no doubt the result of living my entire life in the two states that have more coastline than any other; Alaska and Michigan.

After graduating from Michigan State University with a journalism degree, I was soon headed to Juneau, Alaska as the outdoors and sports editor of the Juneau Empire. In 1980, I became the first Alaskan sportswriter to win a national award from Associated Press. More significant than the award or even receiving a letter of congratulations from Governor Jay Hammond, I discovered my passion for the mountains...

Susan Ewing

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My two greatest joys as a kid were riding my bike and reading books. Both offered escape and adventure - my bike took me flying out into the physical world, while books were the bridge to an inner world of emotion and ideas. I came to writing as way to hold the physical world like a bird in my hands, so I could see more clearly, feel more deeply, and understand more completely. And because in those moments when writing works, it's magic. I was born and raised in Kentucky, but wandered west soon after graduating high school. I lived in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest for many years, rotating through a variety...