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Robert Smith

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My name is Robert Smith. I live in the United States. I am an independent author. I thank Amazon for supporting independent authors and I thank my customers who support me.Books I have written-LionsNatural DisastersGovernment CorruptionInvestmentsArtInventionsArchitectureSpaceMake Money OnlineElectric CarsWebsite DesignSurvive the EconomyNegative Change in the United StatesVacation DestinationsCIASave MoneyOccupy Wall StreetDistribution of wealthEngineeringRenewable EnergyKindle Fire ManualWindows 8: Tips & AppsFor more information about me you can view me on Twitter and Facebook...

Jaya Saxena

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Jaya Saxena is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in, the Daily Dot, Eater, The New Yorker, The Toast, The Hairpin and more. Follow her on Twitter @jayasax.