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John Lescroart

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John Lescroart (pronounced "less-kwah") is a big believer in hard work and single-minded dedication, although he'll acknowledge that a little luck never hurts. Now a New York Times bestselling author whose books have been translated into 16 languages in more than 75 countries, John wrote his first novel in college and the second one a year after he graduated from Cal Berkeley in 1970The only hitch was that he didn't even try to publish either of these books until fourteen years later, when finally, at his wife Lisa's urging, he submitted Son of Holmes to New York publishers--and got two offers, one in hardcover,...

Colin Winnette

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Colin Winnette is the author of five books, including the SPD-bestseller Coyote (Les Figues) and Haints Stay (Two Dollar Radio) . He was the winner of Les Figues Press's 2014 NOS Book Contest, as well as a finalist for Gulf Coast Magazine's Donald Barthelme Prize for Short Prose and the Cleveland State University Poetry Center's First Book Award. His writing has appeared in Lucky Peach, Los Angeles Review of Books, The Believer, The American Reader, and numerous other publications and anthologies. He worked as a bookseller for most of his adult life, in Texas, New York, Vermont, and California. He lives...