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Philip Schmidt

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Philip Schmidt is a writer, editor, and project designer specializing in houses and everything we do with them. A former carpenter, he is author 18 books covering subjects from solar power to backyard treehouses to DIY plywood furniture. He lives in Colorado with his wife, two daughters, and loads of leftover building materials.

Sheri Koones

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I began writing about home construction when I had the difficult task of supervising a major renovation of my family's house. After being dissatisfied with the the books available I decided I would write a book (From Sand Castles to Dream Houses) and include all of the information I wish I'd had when I built my own house. People then began to ask me about the various options available to them - roofing, siding, trim,etc. I didn't know much about these items myself - so I spent the next 2 years researching every available option so my readers would be able to select those that were best for them before...