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Peter Kent

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Peter Kent is a best-selling author (over 60 books for major US publishers during the last 35 years) and journalist who writes about wide variety of subjects. His most recent book is a down-to-earth, commonsense look at the COVID-19 epidemic, but his published work over the decades has covered subjects as diverse as digital marketing, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining, sex, skiing, politics, Internet technology, and more. Kent has a reputation for taking complicated technical subjects and breaking them down into bite-sized pieces that non-experts can digest and understand. He's a researcher and teacher,...

David Hitchcock

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David Hitchcock is a physicist and engineer who has worked as a computer consultant on such diverse projects as the MX missile, the Milstar satellite program and advanced capability torpedoes. He has focused on patent searching and new technology for a number of years. Hitchcock is the inventor of the Home First Shield™, a device to protect homes from wildfires. Visit for more on patent searching made easy.