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Gary Pilarchik

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My grandfather taught me how to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and I have been gardening for the last 40 years. He helped me ignite a passion. My goal is to teach people how to have a better garden, become more self-sufficient, and simply share what I have learned over the decades. A garden wants to give and all we have to do is learn how to help it along. Gardening takes work but it is not complicated. My book, blogs and videos are designed to help you get the information you need so you can enjoy and share your gardens. If it wasn't for my grandfather taking the time to show me how to plant vegetables, I would...

Susan Belsinger

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Susan Belsinger teaches, lectures, and writes about gardening and cooking, and is a food writer, editor and photographer who has authored and edited over 25 books and hundreds of articles. Recently referred to as a "flavor artist", Susan delights in kitchen alchemy - the blending of harmonious foods, herbs, and spices - to create real, delicious food, as well as libations, that nourish our bodies and spirits and titillate our senses.

She has been blogging regularly for Taunton Press' for the past seven years. Her latest publication The Culinary Herbal: Growing...