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Dean Jobb

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"Jobb's true crime stories are not to be missed" - CrimeReadsI specialize in true crime and I'm drawn to stories that have been overlooked or forgotten - hidden gems tucked away in the attics of history. My latest book, The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream, recreates Scotland Yard's hunt for a Victorian Era serial killer who murdered as many as 10 people in Britain, the U.S. and Canada. I discovered the subject of my previous book, Empire of Deception - Leo Koretz and his amazing oil swindle in 1920s Chicago - by chance, while doing other research. I spotted a reference to his arrest in Nova...

Kim Todd

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Kim Todd is an award-winning science and environmental writer.Her first book, Tinkering with Eden, a Natural History of Exotics in America (W.W. Norton 2001) , tells the stories of non-native species and how they arrived in the United States. Species covered range from pigeons, brought over by some of the earliest colonists, to starlings, imported by a man who wanted to bring all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare to Central Park. The book explores our developing understanding of exotic species as we become more aware of the potential problems they may pose for native ecosystems. Tinkering with Eden received the PEN/...